A developer’s objective is to turn their vision into a reality with as few issues as possible and without compromising their planned timescale or profit margin.
In contrast, homeowners are generally opposed to any kind of development near their property and in some cases form well funded action groups with the aim of stopping a development from proceeding at all costs.
In other cases, the ‘developer’ may simply be a neighbour building an extension, affecting only one neighbour. Issues can also arise between joint venture partners, particularly if things do not go to plan or one party changes their mind about proceeding, perhaps due to a change in land values.
We offer comprehensive expert advise and representation for developers, investors and those opposed to development, on issues arising at all stages of development projects, whether they be complex mixed-use developments or smaller private residential developments.
We handle all manner of development advisory work and disputes including:

  • Access disputes
  • Conditional contracts
  • Injunctions
  • Nuisance claims
  • Overage
  • Party wall disputes
  • Pre-emptions
  • Rights to light
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Site clearance
  • Trespassers
  • Village green registrations