Our team has considerable experience in dealing with trusts of land disputes and disputes involving trusts which own property, including charitable trusts, religious trusts and offshore trusts, as well as unmarried couples and groups of investors.
We also handle disputes about the existence, construction and operation of trusts in claims relating to constructive and resulting trusts, co-ownership of land and proprietary estoppel.
We have extensive experience helping clients with:

  • Applications under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996
  • ‘Beddoe’ applications to protect trustees against action by beneficiaries
  • Construction and rectification of trusts
  • Co-ownership disputes
  • Disputes as to implied beneficial and proprietary interests
  • Enforcement of trust obligations
  • Negotiating the sale of jointly owned properties where one party is unwilling to sell
  • Negotiating the fair distribution of sale proceeds between joint owners and other interested parties
  • Obtaining court orders forcing the sale of jointly owned property
  • Obtaining court orders as to the distribution of net sale proceeds
  • Severing joint tenancies, including tracing and serving co-owners who have ‘disappeared’